Kendrick Gartenberg

Kendrick Gartenberg is a former lead programmer at BillowTree Inc. He lives and works at Cupertino, California, United States. He was born on 4th of June 1975 in Alabama. He then moved to California in 1996 to start his professional career as a python programmer and later on he started working as an App developer and a professional Tech Blogger.

Professional carrer:

He started as a Python programmer as a Freelancer and has worked for many developer companies including Apple. He then moved as an App developer and a Mac Technicion. He also was the founder of an app development company called KG Devs. Later on he merged his company with BillowTree Inc and started working as the lead programmer and app developer. Apple certified him as a Mac technician and he then started reviewing Apple products from 2001.

Kendrick now writes product and software reviews for Apple and other companies. This is Kendrick’s personal blog where he answers the internet’s queries about any app and software and also reviews tech products.