Best Android Emulators in 2020

Android Emulators make it easy for users to try the OS on your PC. Android is one of the most popular smartphone software. Users can work the platform on their computers with Emulators. They have been around for quite some time now. It makes it simple for us to try the Android apps and games on our Windows and Mac devices. Emulators can be useful when you want to experience the smartphone platform on a big screen. 

Best Android Emulators

Today we will take a look at some of the best Android emulators in the industry. There are a lot of options available online. Let’s take a look at the popular options available. 

Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 & Mac

1. Bluestacks


Bluestacks is one of the oldest emulators available online. It is the most popular software for running Android on Windows and macOS. The options for customizations are endless on the platform. The software has partnered up with major smartphone platforms. Bluestacks has seen investments from big brands like Samsung. It is the best place to try Android games on your PC. The software is stacked with features. They have a dedicated app store along with Google Play and the Samsung store. The platform is suitable for gamers. It is useful for people who want to experience Android and its potential. 

Key Features:

  • Multi Instances – With Bluestacks, users can efficiently run a single app multiple times. It is useful for gamers who want to earn more rewards. Users can quickly run multiple instances simultaneously. Login with different accounts to promptly get the best results. The multi-instance manager will help you keep track of your device resources. 
  • Keymapping – Manage all of your keyboard controls for games. It is helpful when you are playing an Android game on PC. It makes it easy to control your Android touch games with keyboard and mouse.
  • Recording Macros – The application has a macros recorder. It enables you to record some repetitive game moves, and it is beneficial to skip tedious tasks in any game.

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2. Nox Player

NOX player

The Nox player is another contender on the list. It is one of the best options available in the industry. The software is available on Windows and macOS devices. The platform is highly efficient and can run on devices with low specifications. It is the perfect Android emulator to try out games on PC. The software makes things a lot easy for you. The installer is small in size and can take a few seconds to download. It is the perfect emulator for people who want to try out the ecosystem. The software has its app store and supports google play store as well. 

Key Features:

  • Android 7 – The software is running the most stable version of the operating system. Android 7 might not be the latest, but it can run all the apps and games. The software provides you the best emulation experience on PC. 
  • Essential Config – Android runs on touchscreen smartphones. It can be challenging to run an emulator on Windows successfully. Nox does the job quite efficiently. The vital config tool will help you easily manage the keyboard and mouse controls. 
  • Multi-instances – The Nox player is also able to manage multiple instances on your PC efficiently. It is an efficient way of running the emulator many times on your PC. 
  • Fileset – Users can quickly transfer files between the Android emulator and PC. It is useful for people who use the emulator for messaging and other requirements. The process is seamless using the files option. 

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3. MemuPlay


MemuPlay is an emulator aimed at games. The software can run only on Windows devices. Users can easily enjoy their favorite apps and games on this emulator. It guarantees high-quality performance to the users. The software helps you easily install any application directly from the google play store. It is entirely resourced friendly and can run on most Windows devices. 

You can easily customize your emulation experience with the software. Users can change every aspect of the settings. The software also cleans up any unnecessary apps running in the background. Their official website guarantees increased performance. You can get 2.3X more graphics performance with the software. MemuPlay uses OpenGL and Direct 3DX software for better results. 

Key Features:

  • File Manager – MemuPlay has the tab of a shared folder. Here you can manage where the pictures from the emulator get saved. Users can easily access the content created on the Android platform. 
  • Screen Recorder – With MemuPlay, users can easily record their emulation experience. It is useful for gamers who want to record their in-game footage. It works with popular games like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile. 
  • Fake GPS – Spoof your online location with the Fake GPS feature. It allows you to easily browse the Android world from any corner of the world. It is a must-have for people who want to experience abroad entertainment on the emulator. 
  • Multi Instances – Like other emulators, the MemuPlay software also has a multi instances manager. It is sufficient to check the disk space and memory being used. You can smoothly run the same app multiple times with this tweak. 
  • Screen resolution – Users can decide minor settings like their emulator screen resolution. It is a must-have feature for people who want to get High Definition experience. Tweaking the settings can help you limit resource consumption. 

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Lightweight Emulators:

All the emulators mentioned in this list were aimed at heavyweight tasks. The above emulators are efficient in gaming. Many users might have other requirements for an emulator. There are a few lightweight options available. These are helpful when you want to try Android apps or less intense games. 



Youwave is a barebones Android emulator for Windows. The software can run most Android apps with ease. It is the perfect option for people who want to try Android apps. It is also the best emulator to test your apps. Developers love this app to check the working of their apps. The application requires users to install the app stores from the settings. It is a barebones virtual machine packed in software. Try it out if you need basic Android emulation on Windows. 

Our Pick:

There are so many options available for Android emulation. It can be quite challenging to make a choice. The options available here are all equally well balanced. You cannot go wrong with any of them. Our pick for the best Android emulator is Bluestacks. They are the oldest and have the most fantastic platform.  The software company has been in business for a long time. They have perfected the art of emulation. 


Android emulators are a must-have for people who love gaming or exploring. The smartphone operating system can smoothly run on Windows and macOS devices.  Our guide covers all popular emulators available online. We have added all possible emulators so you can test out your Android experience. Download the emulator, which fits all your requirements.

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