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Top 12 Best Cheap Budget Gaming Mouse in 2021

There are plenty of options available if you’re seeking for the best cheap gaming mouse. So much it that there are often too many good gaming mice to research and not enough time to do so.

We’ve taken care of the difficult part for you. We’ll not only offer rotating reviews of the best cheap gaming mouse on the market today, but we’ll also explain what differentiates mice designed for various game genres and walk you through key specifications. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse yet have a tight budget, keep reading.

You’ll want to evaluate a number of defining aspects in addition to your needs and budget to guarantee that you purchase the best gaming mouse for your setup. The mouse sensor, extra mappable buttons, sensitivity, connectivity, and form factor can all have an impact on your gaming experience.

The Best 12 Cheap Budget Gaming Mouse in 2021

In this article u can find out below the best cheap budget gaming mouse in 2021.

1. Razer DeathAdder Essential v2 Mouse

On the market, the Razer DeathAdder Essential is a fairly competitive product.
As you are surely aware, Razer is a major player in the technology industry, and they have pioneered the development of keyboards and other devices.
With its trademark Razer optical sensor, the DeathAdder Essential follows this trend.
With a black rubberized exterior covering, the mouse includes 5 very standard-looking buttons best budget gaming mouse .

This coating is long-lasting and should serve you well. The Razer DPI sensor is fantastic, with a resolution of 16000 DPI. While it lacks the RGB Chrome colour customization that Razer is known for, the fundamentals are excellent and well-suited to the budget.

2. Logitech G502 HERO High-Performance Mouse

The Logitech G502 502 HERO Mouse is a corded gadget with a tonne of weight and RGB colour customization possibilities. It has the best quality internals, such as highly robust buttons and a precision picture optical sensor, as do other Logitech gadgets.

The RGB illumination provides 16.8 million colours to choose from and a light pulse to give your mouse a sinister edge. The optical sensor of the G502 is accurate, responsive, and one of the best in its price range currently available best budget gaming mouse. The PMW3366 is a Logitech-only product that employs G Delta Zero optical sensor technology to help reduce mouse acceleration and improve the user’s ability to aim more precisely.

3. Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse

The Cooler Master MM710’s porous honeycomb design sets it apart from competing gaming mouse aesthetically, but it also serves a more practical purpose: threading the needle between durability and lightweight construction. With this cheap mouse, you can play for hours without becoming tired best cheap gaming mouse. Aside from that, the components of this gaming mouse are simply outstanding.

The switches and sensor have been handled by Omron and Pixart, respectively, while the internals of the Cooler Master have been treated with the same rigorous attention to detail. This mouse has an Ultraweave cord and low-friction foot for a more stable gaming experience.

4. Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse

Many gamers swear by the Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse’s extraordinarily precise laser sensor and the silky glide provided by the insanely smooth Teflon feet at the bottom of the mouse. This mouse also has an 8-piece weight tuning kit, as well as 5 programmable buttons.

The weight tuning set includes eight 2.4g weights that can be added to the mouse until you’re happy with how it moves best cheap gaming mouse. The colours of the LEDs can be adjusted, however they aren’t completely programmable. The creators of this mouse prioritise performance over appearances in order to provide the best experience for the money. Best of all, for less than $20, this simple yet efficient gaming mouse is one of the best affordable on the market.

5. Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Mouse

The Razer Viper may definitely provide if you like an agile and speedy gaming experience.
The slim frame conforms to your fingertips and is both light and receptive to touch. This is a gaming mouse that works best with the fingertip grip, although it may also be used with the claw grip.

In any event, the six accessible buttons provide you with more macro possibilities than many other gaming mouse in this price range. While right-handed gamers frequently have the upper hand, this mouse’s ambidextrous design allows southpaws to use it as well.

6. HyperX Pulsefire Surge Gaming Mouse

HyperX is a well recognised and popular name among gaming mouse geekers, and their flagship budget model is what the brand is renowned for, packing the best possible quality components at the price. This has been mirrored in the Pixart sensor, which may deliver more precise tracking, especially when firefighting is intensified, and the Omron switches that more naturally respond to your input. This is a long lasting mouse, too. Omron switches are 50 million clicks rated!

But the most crucial thing to be careful is how a gaming mouse feels in your palm, and that mouse truly punches you out. It features a well-balanced weight, which is best suited for fast-paced players that want a smaller gaming mouse. Even some truly profound RGB lighting modes are present here.

7. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Mouse

The Logitech G305 takes the opposite approach to gaming mouse, which are typically big and complicated. This gaming mouse is sleek and streamlined, and it returns to the basics, making it one of the best budget gaming mouse models on the market today. When looking for a budget mouse, its wireless capability is definitely a pleasant addition.

The compromises made to keep the price of this wireless gaming mouse low are primarily cosmetic. However, what this mouse lacks in RGB illumination and enough keys to sync all of your World of Warcraft macros, it more than makes up for with a large DPI range and fast response times for a wireless gaming mouse.

8. SteelSeries Rival 3

When compared to other gaming mice, the SteelSeries Rival’s DPI may appear low, yet it has one of the best mistake rates. The SteelSeries Rival focuses on first-person shooters, which is understandable given its size, weight, and aerodynamics. The buttons themselves are well-placed and don’t wobble excessively best cheap gaming mouse.

The SteelSeries Rival also includes a variety of LEDs that can be modified to fit your gaming preferences. This gaming mouse can also function as a work mouse for the creative professionals, and is designed to work easily with Windows and Mac.

9. ROCCAT KOVA AIMO Gaming Mouse

To receive value from the Roccat Kova Aimo you do not need to be right-handed. This best cheap gaming mouse contestant has a fully ambidextrous design, which fits with any of the main three varieties of gaming grip. And as a good bow, compared to the previous one, it comes at a bargain.

The inclusive RGB lighting can be adjusted to a certain amount, but does not find a complete range of characteristics. This inexpensive gaming mouse takes the idea of an extravagant, sleek mouse (not to mention cheap).

10. Logitech G600 MMO Mouse

What does it imply when the Logitech G600 is touted as an MMO mouse? It means a full 12-button key bank along the left side’s inner groove, as well as a low but wide form factor designed for use with a palm grip. For first-person shooters, this means it’s a comfortable – if not fully exact – alternative to more twitch-oriented best cheap gaming mouse. What’s more, thanks to the addition of a second button that functions similarly to the shift or caps lock keys on your computer, you can double the amount of keys available to you.

11. CORSAIR HARPOON Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Harpoon’s split button design may appear to be daunting nautical gear, but that distinctive design translates to excellent performance. It’s tiny enough to throw in your backpack and carry around, and it’s fully wireless.

Although the muted button design isn’t ideal for League of Legends, you’ll find that it performs admirably in action, combat, and shooting games. The DPI settings may be adjusted to your liking, and there’s even onboard memory for saving numerous profiles at once.

12. SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 has a zen-like quality to it. Its compact size makes it easy to hold in a claw or palm grip, and it builds on a simple, unobtrusive design to great effect. For those who prefer to let their abilities speak for themselves, this is a fantastic gaming mouse. The design is totally ambidextrous, and the trigger split is there to prevent accidental clicks.

And, regardless of how much you click, you can rest assured that your best gaming performance will be precisely translated best budget gaming mouse. This mouse has a 50 million click lifespan.


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