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Top 10 Best eGPU of 2021

A computer graphics card was formerly thought to be essentially unchangeable. These were, along with the CPU, among of the most difficult components to replace, and, unlike RAM or storage space, you were generally trapped with a “What you see is what you get” approach.
However, new technology and the Thunderbolt 3 protocol have substantially altered the market.

While eGPU can provide a significant performance boost for gaming, video editing, and other graphically intensive tasks, they are not inexpensive. However, we are here to assist you in navigating the market. Not only do we provide reviews for ten of the best eGPU models on the market today, but we also provide you with the information you need to evaluate whether you need an eGPU and what features you should look for.

What is eGPU?

The term eGPU stands for external graphics processing unit, which is self-explanatory. An eGPU allows you to connect an external graphics card to your computer in the same manner that you would an external hard drive, and the enclosure provides all of the cooling and power required to keep your laptop from draining.

So, who would require this? In general, an best eGPU is useful for gamers who want to play the most recent AAA titles at the highest graphics settings, as well as creative professionals who work in highly detailed visual art, design, or film.

An external graphics card can assist any computer that needs to perform graphical activities that are outside the scope of its existing graphics card, but these interesting devices receive the most mileage when linked to laptops. Because of the compact design of laptops and the significant power consumption required by a high-end graphics card, even high-end gaming laptops sometimes trail the pack in terms of performance.

An eGPU enclosure with a strong chip, such as the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 configuration, will provide you with the electricity you require without risking frying your laptop’s components.

1. Blackmagic eGPU Pro

The BlackMagic Radeon Pro 580’s octagonal tower form is stunning, but it’s what’s inside that counts with this best eGPU. The built-in RX Vega GPU isn’t the best graphics card in terms of raw power, but it’ll be more than enough for most gamers, and unlike the Razer eGPU described above, you won’t have to buy a separate card for this model.

The 85 watt power delivery system allows you to charge your laptop at full speed while still obtaining the amazing graphical performance provided by this best eGPU, and the built-in cooling systems are almost silent. In addition to the two Thunderbolt connectors and four USB ports, HDMI and DisplayPort adapters are available.

2. Razer Core X

Razer is a leading manufacturer of gaming products, and you can expect their usual colourful swagger to be on display with this best eGPU. It has complete RGB lighting that can be linked with your other Razer accessories, and it has a substantial 700 watt power supply to accommodate even the most powerful graphics cards.

Furthermore, it has a large number of port hubs. You’ll have access to an ethernet and four USB ports while the Core X is connected via your Thunderbolt cable. The container is solid and well-designed, with some rather powerful cooling systems installed.

3. AORUS Gaming Box GTX 1070 Graphic Card

Aorus has a reputation for cramming as much technology as possible into their products, and this eGPU enclosure is no exception.

It features a respectable Nvidia GTX 1070 that should provide a significant graphical improvement for most users in need of an best eGPU, as well as a very simple plug and play design that allows even the most technically challenged users to get this Aorus GTX external graphics enclosure up and running in minutes.

There are three USB 3.0 connectors, so this external GPU may also function as a charging hub or a storage hub for your favourite gaming gear.

4. Alienware Graphics Amplifier (9R7XN)

Contrary to popular belief, an external GPU enclosure does not always have to be unreasonably expensive. While the Alienware Graphics Amplifier’s storage capacity and maximum wattage do not fulfil the expectations of the best models, it can nevertheless deliver a lot of juice to your graphical performance for a comparatively low cost of under $250.

Furthermore, the compatibility for double wide cards implies that you can continue to extend your graphics even when technology advances beyond what you’re now using. It also includes some of the most extensive RGB lighting capabilities, including a plethora of colours and the ability to set up extremely complicated lighting triggers.

5. ASUS ROG XG Station 2

The “Republic of Gamers” is serious about producing some of the roughest equipment on the market, so it’s no surprise that their eGPU is a robust container with some of the best capabilities available. The first thing that comes to mind while looking at the Asus RoG XG Station 2 is how amazing it looks.

The entire enclosure opens upward, like a crocodile’s mouth turned upward, so you can simply insert your card and access the insides, but the maximum PSU of 680 is astounding, and the compatibility is very great here. The 5 USB 3.0 ports supplied with the Asus RoG XG Station 2 provide top-tier connection.

6. Razer Core V2 eGpu

The Razer Core V2 is a costly best eGPU, but you get what you paid for. This is one of the best eGPU we’ve seen anywhere, and despite the breadth of its capabilities, it’s highly versatile and acceptable even for those with little technical background. Setup is as simple as connecting this device into a Thunderbolt 3 port, but you have a lot of options for which cards to utilize.

This eGPU has a wide range of compatibility, and you can safely anticipate it to stay a part of your collection even if you find yourself needing to swap out new cards on a regular basis over time. It is compatible with AMD Radeon cards from the RX series and later, as well as Nvidia GTX 10-series and later.

7. PowerColor Mini Pro RX570

Most eGPU with built-in graphics cards employ an Nvidia CPU, which is understandable. However, if you want an AMD processor, you should consider the PowerColor Mini Pro. The AMD Radeon RX570 in our review comes with a full 8 GB of RAM for graphical processing and is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from 0 to 45 degrees Celsius.

It also has an ethernet port with a gigabyte transfer rate as well as two USB 3.0 ports for charging your gadgets or putting in your most vital gaming equipment without using up your laptop’s limited ports.

8. Akitio Node

The Akitio Node is another low-cost solution with above-average performance. Akitio may not be the most well-known name in technology, but the Akitio Node delivers. This best eGPU uses a 400 watt power source to deliver acceptable performance, yet its compatibility with Mac machines is lacking.

It only supports AMD cards, but if that’s what you’re going to use anyway (or if you’re using a Windows PC, where compatibility is much broader), the Akitio Node is a fantastic price. The Thunderbolt connection supports connection speeds of up to 40 megabytes per second, and the Akitia Node has a carrying handle for simple mobility.

9. OMEN HP Accelerator Shell GA1-1000

The HP Omen line delivered one of the best laptops of 2020, therefore it’s no wonder that it also generated one of the best eGPU available today. The Accelerator Shell has an extremely dramatic form that consists of a rectangular container raised up on two legs.

However, it is more than simply a gorgeous face. This eGPU has adequate place for a 2.5 slot GPU as well as a solid state drive or standard hard drive if you want to increase your storage at the same time. And, thanks to the big and easy-access door, installing your GPU and hard drive is a simple and straightforward operation.

10. Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box

The Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box demonstrates that you can obtain a good eGPU enclosure for a reasonable price, and it’s a solid contender for the best eGPU for consumers on a tight budget.

The 550 watt power supply assures that this best eGPU breakaway box can support even high-end graphics cards like the Nvidia RTX series without breaking the bank, and the Breakaway Box also comes with its own Thunderbolt 3 connector so you can start using the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box right away.

It doesn’t have the best raw performance, but it does support certain decent graphics cards and provides consistent charging for your laptop using a Thunderbolt 3 connector.


Consider acquiring an best eGPU if you want to improve your laptop gaming experience. We’ve given you our recommendations for the best ones on the market right now, and it’s up to you to find the best fit for you.

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