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Top 14 Best Gaming Fight Sticks of 2021

Excellent controllers are the foundation of any fighting gaming. Arcade sticks, which have more functionality than standard controllers, are being used by professional gamers to provide a better and more intuitive experience. With a good fight stick, you’ll be able to make excellent combo links, fire off your fireballs quickly and sharply, and better time and execute your super moves. While controllers are the go-to option for many gamers, fight sticks, also known as arcade sticks, are quickly becoming the weapon of choice for many.

We’ve compiled a list of the best fight sticks to assist you in making a more informed purchase. We’ve also included a brief buying guide that explains the important factors to consider when selecting an arcade stick. Whether you want to play Street Fighter or King of Fighter, the arcade sticks in our review will help you improve your gaming experience.

How do Pro-Players use Gaming Fight Sticks?

Professional players use different types of fight sticks such as Mayflash, Hori and Qanba. So just go over the above list to find the pro-level fighting sticks according to your gaming needs.

Who is the Best Gaming Fight Stick?

It is easy to choose Mayflash F500 with its compatibility to be used in a wide range of devices and high overall efficiency. If your budget is higher then go with the Sanwa Denshi buttons F500 Elite.

1. Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick

Anyone can tell that the Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick is a high-quality product based on the design and the parts included. This fighting stick, which costs around $300, is designed for gamers who want a premium and authentic arcade fight experience. It’s a fight stick that lets you perform amazing moves and stunts on your opponents. So, what do you get for spending over $300 on a fighting stick? A sleek and beautiful air-craft grade aluminium body that looks and feels cool, Sanwa Denshi buttons, and two Sanwa Denshi joysticks are included. The set also includes an Allen wrench for easy adjustment, a headphone jack, and an anti-slip base.

But that isn’t all. The Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick is wired, and it comes with a removable die-cast metal wrap extension to secure the three-meter USB C cable. Unlike the Qanba Drone Joystick, the access panel of this fight stick is easily accessible, and the LED lighting is adjustable. It has a training mode button that allows you to reset and change the position of your fighting stick game characters. There are two models available: one for the PS4 and one for the Xbox One; both versions can be used on PC. The Victrix FS Arcade fight stick can weigh up to 7.8 pounds and is large enough to fit users with large hands. If you have more than $300 to spend on a fight stick, this is one of the best fight sticks you can buy.

2. Qanba Drone Joystick

The Qanba Drone Joystick is a basic fighting game controller. This arcade stick is compatible with the PS4, PS3, and PC and costs around $70. While the buttons and joystick are made in-house rather than by Sanwa, you’ll get used to the tactile feel quickly. If you’re used to a Sanwa fight stick, the tactile feedback from the Qanba arcade stick will feel different.

The Qanba Drone Joystick features an anti-slip bottom pad, a button-lock switch, LED indicators, and a compartment for the USB cable. This arcade fight stick is ideal for users with large hands because it weighs only 2.6 pounds. When compared to other low-cost models, it is also easily moddable. However, you don’t get the easy access panel found on higher-end fight sticks. That being said, the Qanba Drone Joystick is one of the best arcade sticks under $80.

3. HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai

Fight stick games can be found on a variety of platforms. However, some work better on some platforms than others. Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is a good example. This fight stick, like the Qanba Drone Joystick mentioned above, is compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC. It has a redesigned chassis that allows for more space between and below the buttons and sticks. This arcade stick includes Hori’s Hayabusa buttons and a joystick for a better fight stick game experience.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is a popular arcade fight stick thanks to its slim and bevelled design. This design provides gamers with faster response and excellent actuation. You get an input switch toggle, a button configuration mode, a turbo function, and a well-positioned touch panel. The 9.8 foot cable included makes it simple to plug and play. If you want to enjoy a true arcade experience for less than $150, the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai fight stick is one of the best sticks options.

4. Mayflash F500 Arcade Fight Stick

The Mayflash F500 Arcade Stick is one of the best and least expensive fighting sticks available for all platforms. It is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, SEGA, and other platforms. This arcade stick has a sturdy base and eight solid buttons that allow you to smash through your opponents. You can enjoy various Turbo settings that can be set at various speeds.

If you want to customise the Mayflash F500 Arcade Fight Stick, you can use the Sanwa Denshi joystick and buttons. It includes headphone support, allowing you to output background music and sound when playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The only drawback to this under-$90 fight stick is that it requires you to connect your Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller when playing on Microsoft consoles.

5. Razer Panthera Street Fighter V Sanwa Joystick

Razer is a company that is obsessed with creating the best gaming peripherals. You’ll have an excellent gaming experience with everything from their computers to their headphones, mechanical keyboards, and gaming chairs. The Razer Panthera Street Fighter V Sanwa Joystick demonstrates this. It’s a competitive Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation, and PC arcade stick. The build quality is solid, and the Street Fighter V overlay indicates that this is the arcade stick to bring your fight sticks game to.

This arcade stick has a plastic body that is reinforced with metal. It has a little heft and can stay in place even during the most intense gameplay, weighing up to 7.44 pounds. Sanwa Denshi levers and buttons are connected by a well-organized color-coded wire management system. The panel is easily accessible, and all buttons and the joystick can be swapped out to suit your gameplay. Furthermore, the bottom of the internal compartment is designed in such a way that it is simple to screw mount in any and all locations. To get the best fighting game experience, deactivate the Start, Xbox One guide, and back buttons on this arcade stick.

6. Qanba Obsidian Joystick

Qanba produces high-quality arcade sticks. There is no turning back once you begin playing fighting games with Qanba sticks. The Qanba Obsidian Joystick is a high-end joystick that provides an excellent gaming experience. It is one of the best arcade sticks available for competitive and professional gamers. This fight stick can help you get an advantage over your opponents. It has a black chassis with lovely aluminium edges. You get sleek LED lights that enhance the overall experience, as well as high-end Sanwa Denshi buttons that feel and function correctly.

The Qanba Obsidian Joystick is a wired connection that is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and 3. On the back, there’s a clickable touchpad and some anti-slip padding. You can connect your headsets via a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the Sanwa Denshi buttons provide precision for every turn, jump, and combo you perform. It also has a lock button to keep you from making mistakes during your game. If you’re an e-athlete or want to get the most out of your fighting games, this is one of the best fight joysticks you can buy.

7. HORI Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa Arcade Fight Stick

The Hori Real Arcade Pro N Arcade Fight Stick is designed to meet the needs of every serious Playstation and PC gamer. This SIEA-licensed arcade stick is compatible with PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation 3. It has an all-black design that is accented with metallic gold. This fight stick, like the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai, has a touch panel, turbo function, and button assignment. The large base is exceptionally comfortable, and because it employs an 8-way square gate, you’ll be able to play multiple fighting games without difficulty.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro N Fight Stick includes Hayabusa buttons as well as a joystick. You get eight different buttons that can be easily customised. This Hori arcade stick has a good distance between the buttons and the joystick, so you won’t make mistakes during intense gameplay. Despite the fact that it employs a square gate, circular motions are free of hiccups. The Hori Real Arcade Pro N is without a doubt one of the best arcade sticks available for Playstation and PC fighting games.

8. Razer Atrox Sanwa Joystick and Buttons

If you want the best fight joystick for your Xbox One, S, or X series, the Razer Atrox Sanwa arcade stick is one of the best options. This fighting games arcade stick is designed specifically for Xbox users. The Atrox, like the Razer Panthera, can be customised and modded to fit your gameplay. It includes an eight-way joystick and ten highly responsive buttons. These buttons and joystick are Sanwa, just like the ones found on the Razer Panthera. There’s an internal storage compartment where you can keep the two extra buttons, your screwdriver, and the detachable screw-lock cable.

The Razer Atrox is designed in Razer’s classic black and green colours, with the company’s logo displayed on the exterior. You can deactivate the start, Xbox One guide, and back buttons on this arcade stick, just like you can on the Razer Panthera. It works with a variety of fighting games as well as the Windows 10 Xbox app. The Razer Atrox is a high-quality, long-lasting mouse with incredible precision and actuation. If you’re an Xbox player looking for the best possible experience, this arcade stick is one of the best fight joysticks you can get.

9. Nacon Daija Arcade Fight Stick

A further great fight stick often used by pro players is the Nacon Daija Arcade Stick. The PS4, PS4 Pro and PC are compatible. The Nacon Daija doesn’t work with the PS3 unlike many other Playstations on our list. It includes simple controls that help you manage your inputs while providing better control over navigation. The buttons and joysticks are quality Sanwa peripherals, and the ball tops and bat tops for your joystick are the choice of the gamers.

This fight stick can also be adapted. Opening the deck is quite simple and it doesn’t take you hours to change the components. There is also a cable guide to make sure you connect everything properly. The clear front panel can be removed, so you can design it according to your tastes and put it below the façade. You should consider this one option if you are big on customization and wish to have one of the best fight sticks for PS4 Pro, PS4 or PC.

10. Qanba Dragon Joystick

A huge fight stick you are bound to love is Qanba Dragon’s Joystick. This arcade stick weighs up to 11.6 pounds with a red and black design and has a large face perfect for intense gaming. The quality of building is solid and the weight guarantees that you stay in place regardless of the brutality of your fighting games. This sleek, shiny fight stick has a variety of LED lighting options and two rubber grips, which prevent it from sliding off.

The Joystick is PS4, PS3 and PC compliant with Qanba Dragon. This arcade stick has a headphone jack, contrary to the Razer Panthera. The top panel has a thick plexiglass shell, and no gliding between an aluminium layer below and the plexiglass is heard. Authentic Sanwa buttons and a joystick are provided to make your controls more responsive. The Qanba Dragon Joystick is one of the best fighting sticks you can purchase if you are trying to get a premium arcade stick for your fight games PS4, PS3 and PC.

11. Hit Box

If you don’t like the stick and just want all the buttons, this is the option for you. There’s no need to worry because the Hit Box has you covered. This controller replaces the joystick with a set of four buttons that function similarly to the WASD keys on a keyboard. Your left fingers rest over left, right, and down in this control scheme, and you can then trigger up with your thumb.

It’s an intriguing controller layout, to be sure, but it essentially gives you the precision of a D-Pad, but in a more ergonomic layout for fighting games. The best Hit Box also uses 100% genuine Sanwa Buttons, ensuring that you get the best and most responsive experience possible from this controller.

12. 8BitDo Arcade Stick

There’s been lots of great fighting games to the Nintendo Switch despite the tough competition from Super Smash Bros. A fighting stick can improve your experience and make it easier to handles the precision that these games require if you are shattered and all of those fight games want to enjoy to the fullest. 8BitDo has made a great arcade stick on the Nintendo Switch, perfectly at home.

The 8BitDo Arcade Stick is fantastically retro-NES. The button labels also show exactly what Switch controls every button, and even a second number of lighted button labels for PC controls can be changed. The buttons can be easily mashed, and the handle is clicky enough. Macro buttons and a turbo function are available. And don’t forget that the whole thing works with a USB dongle wirelessly. It also supports Bluetooth and USB wired connections. The 8BitDo Arcade Stick is equally working on your PC and mobile device like on your switch, so you get additional value from the already affordable arcade stick.

13. Etokki Omni Arcade Stick

The Etokki Omni Arcade Stick may be of interest to you if you want to stand out or just want a different feeling stick. This controller uses a Korean Taeyoung Fanta stick rather than a Japanese Sanwa stick for a tighter and more responsive feel. It also has a circular silicon gate, which may help you hit the corners more easily. A full set of Sanwa buttons is also included for punching in combos.

With a full-metal chassis weighing 7.27 pounds, the Etokki Omni is also built like a tank. It’s certainly pricey, but a fight stick that feels this good and is so well made is well worth it. Unfortunately, stock appears to be limited at the moment, but it should be replenished soon.

14. Mixbox Universal Edition

The Mixbox Universal Edition is the best WASD fight stick, yes you read that correctly. This arcade fight stick supplements its traditional lever input with mechanical keyboard keys, similar to how the Hit Box replaces the joystick with more buttons. This makes more sense than you might think, because this setup allows you to group the four directional buttons extremely tightly. This spacing allows you to easily perform hadoukens and other special attacks. And, because this controller uses Cherry MX red switches, you’ll get the fastest input possible thanks to its linear action.

Aside from the mechanical keyboard, this Mixbox controller features eight Sanwa Denshi buttons. This arcade fight stick is also available in a universal edition that works with the PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and even the Wii U if you still have one.


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