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Top 12 Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboards Under $100 in 2021

Some may feel frivolous about buying in a completely new player’s keyboard, yet many gamers swear by the benefits of a gaming keyboard. You’ll get a more ergonomic gaming keyboard, more choices for assigning shortcuts and macros and fantastic aesthetics that tell everyone you’re a gamer. Gaming keyboards can be pricey, without a question, but they do not have to be constantly. In our search for the best budget gaming keyboards, we scanned the web. The 12 gaming keyboards on our list are all under $100, yet they all exceed their price expectations greatly. Read more on just a few of the various budget solutions.

1. Logitech G512 Carbon RGB Gaming Keyboard

There are few more sensations to some gamers than a mechanical keyboard’s tactile click. You’ll want the Logitech G512 Carbon to see if this is you. You can choose three distinct switch styles, depending on your favourite type style and gaming genre. This 100 dollars gaming keyboard is modest, but with its smart key range and overall design you make the most of your available real estate. The brushed aluminium frame certainly doesn’t appear affordable, and the rubber feet offer a good grip and allow you to raise the board. The basic keys here are great, however there are no dedicated macro keys. The concave surface felt nice on your fingers and smooth. RGB lighting is offered as a bonus for every single key, so you may adjust some extremely complex configurations if you choose.

2. Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

It’s all over Razer Cynapse Chroma, and fortunately it has it in pads. For such a low-cost and ergonomic best gaming keyboard, the RGB lighting option is really amazing and is also one of the few spill-resistant keyboards in its price category. The stunning Synapse 2.0 platform allows you a superior level of lighting management and can also be connected to a wide range of various devices. It employs a membrane frame, it is quite touchy instead of mechanical keys. This lighting keyboard is a breeze, and can be tailored to match gamers’ desires for action and anti-ghosting. Here, with the performance, you will find nothing incorrect. Only the costlier keyboards, like dedicated macros are missing in this case.

3. CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical best gaming keyboards have a reputation for being loud. The Corsair K55 may be right for you if you’re seeking for a quiet gaming keyboard. It has a membrane frame to prevent key clatter, but it generally has many of the same design elements and capabilities as more expensive Corsair keyboards. The level of resistance is pleasantly adjusted and adapted to the expectations of gamers, making this an almost silent best gaming keyboard. All of the keys are evenly spaced to prevent slipping fingers from ruining your game, and RGB lighting can be set up in three different zones. You also receive access to Corsair’s fantastic CUE software because this is a Corsair. This not only allows you to setup sophisticated macros and RGB settings, but it also includes a practical and easy-to-use recording macro button built right into the keyboard’s face. There’s also a detachable wrist rest.

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4. Redragon K552 RED LED Backlit Keyboard

Redragon’s K552 is a wonderful place to start if you’re searching for an LED keyboard that costs less than $50. This budget keyboard isn’t overly fancy, but it’s a decent mechanical gaming keyboard that does the basics right. The structure is excellent: tough, long-lasting, and capable of withstanding a few blows. A robust metal frame supports the strong plastic top, and the mechanical keys are set on Cherry Blue comparable switches. Because this is a Tenkeyless keyboard, you won’t be utilising it for accounting, but it does allow the K552 to be substantially smaller. The LED illumination is simple and functional, consisting solely of red backlighting that may be dimmed. Left-handed gamers will appreciate the possibility to swap out the WASD and arrow keys.

5. CORSAIR K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For clumsy gamers, the Corsair K68 could be the best mechanical gaming keyboard under $100. If you’re always dropping drinks or crumbs on your keyboard while gaming, the Corsair mechanical keyboard is spill and dust resistant. It’s enough to set purchasing apart from the competition, but not enough to justify it solely on the basis of that feature. Fortunately, Corsair thought ahead and installed Cherry Red RX switches, which can be swapped out for Blues if desired. By looking at it, you’d never guess it was a best gaming keyboard, so if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, this should do the trick. When you turn on the RGB lighting, though, that traditional style is thrown out the window. There are a few presets included, but you have nearly endless options for building a lighting layout that suits your style.

6. Dell Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard

Alienware is known for two things: making some of the best high-end gaming rigs available and giving all of its goods a distinct and unique sci-fi appearance. The AW768 foregoes the high-end price while maintaining the other features. The quality of the illumination is a nice striking feature, but it’s the Cherry RX Brown switches that really make this a great keyboard. Their presence on a keyboard that costs $75 is simply amazing. The built-in dedicated macro keys are just the frosting on the cake. The design is stunning, as one would expect from an Alienware product. Despite being constructed of plastic, it has the weight and appearance of an aluminium shell, but that doesn’t imply it’s not a durable piece of gear. The smooth lines and bright key faces give it the appearance of a futuristic spaceship command station.

7. Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

In comparison to HyperX’s basic approach to gaming keyboard design, the Razer Ornata Chroma stands out. This is one of the best feature-rich gaming keyboards available, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a higher-end system, and it accomplishes this by foregoing mechanical keys in favour of a membrane design. However, you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. This keyboard has a sleek, industrial design. The multiple function keys are plentiful enough to accommodate some rather creative layouts, and media controls are built right in. A simple LED indication lets you know if you’re in macro or gaming mode, which helps you avoid making unintentional mistakes. This is also an ergonomic keyboard; the wrist rest is leather and pleasant, with enough cushion to provide the support you require. You may also modify the lean using six rubber feet to a comfortable level.

8. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Keyboard

Although the HyperX Alloy is designed particularly for FPS gamers, the functionality and design will appeal to a wide spectrum of gamers. The streamlined appearance of this tiny gaming keyboard, which is also a Tenkeyless variant, is serious and all about business. There aren’t many extraneous elements or embellishments here. Instead, it’s a straightforward keyboard that gets the basics right. The Cherry MX switches supply those foundations, which is an impressive inclusion for a $70 keyboard. However, you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. The keyboards design is low-profile, which allows the beautiful, hefty keys to take centre stage. Meanwhile, the USB cord is braided and removable. The red RGB backlighting is the only meaningful addition in terms of features. Overall, it’s a functional concept that will satisfy the needs of any gamer searching for the fundamentals.

9.  Cooler Master CK530 Mechanical Keyboard

While it’s not uncommon for computer manufacturers to push out into other industries, it’s remarkable to see Cooler Master’s keyboard perform as well as the CK530. Although this durable aluminium gaming keyboard has a limited amount of keys, its streamlined form makes it suitable for laptop users who want a portable keyboard they can take with them wherever they go. Cooler Master makes a few compromises in order to keep pricing low.
The CK530 uses Gateron mechanical switches instead of the gold standard Cherry MX keys.
This is a reduction in quality, but one that best players will not notice. Both the RGB lights and the macros have a variety of customization possibilities, which are managed through Cooler Master’s genuinely respectable Cooler Master web software.

10. HAVIT RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

However, the Chinese manufacturer has long been striving to provide high-quality computer peripherals and the KB395L is another example of the intelligently minimalistic design of HAVIT. This does not mean the same name as the Alienware or Corsair brand. The KB395L includes low-profile switches that help distinguish it from the competition, contrary to many mechanical keyboards. The reduced impact level needed to achieve a successful key answer leads in a more comfortable experience for gamers. HAVIT doesn’t attempt here to show up. The design is highly utilitarian, free of superfluous macro keys or flourishing design. The macros can instead be handled with normal keys and fn keys. It may take some time to find and master the proper set-up, but once you do, you may design a varied and nuanced set-up that is suitable for your gaming style.

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11. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

We found the Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to be the best gaming keyboard under $100 with a wireless connection. This mechanical TenKeyLess variant may connect to up to two devices at once, either by USB or Bluetooth. Because it’s a straight board with only one incline setting, it’s quite ergonomic, but the wrist rest feels cheap. Only linear Cherry MX Red switches are available, which take very little force to activate and provide no tactile feedback. The pre-travel distance is also a little longer than on other gaming keyboards, but the switches are still highly sensitive and shouldn’t tyre you out. You can reprogram or set macros to any key, plus it has some added features like dedicated media keys and a Windows lock to prevent you from accidently minimising your game. Although the illumination is limited to a single blue hue, the keys are individually lighted, and the brightness can be controlled directly on the board. The build quality is likewise mediocre, as the frame is composed of cheap-feeling plastic. This is a great option if you’re looking for a wireless gaming keyboard around $100.

12. SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL Keyboard

Last but not least, we’ve kept the best gaming keyboard under $100 for last. SteelSeries is a legend in the computer peripheral industry thanks to its hands-on design methodology. One example is the incorporation of proprietary QX2 switches that can essentially compete with their Cherry counterparts pound for pound. This isn’t a silent keyboard, but each keystroke produces a delightful clatter. The design is a little strange. The RGB lighting is unique, and the floating keycaps offer a strong sense of height. The polish on the aluminium is just stunning. The Audio Visualizer is a nice addition, as it synchronises your RGB lighting settings with your gamings music. The only flaw with this keyboard is that it has a small number of keys. Because this is a gaming keyboard, it can be a little awkward if you want to use it for anything else.


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