10 Best VR Games for Android & iPhone

Online gaming is trending. With loads of options on offer now on possibly all platforms – Android, Windows, and iOS, there’s no stopping online game lovers. Where people had to buy play stations in earlier days to kindle the child in them, they can now easily pamper themselves by downloading a gaming app on their phone.

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With such convenience literally in your hand, you can now enjoy gaming like never before. And it doesn’t end there. Technology is making advances in the field each day so that now online games come with VR features. VR meaning Virtual Reality experiences that allow gamers to take a dip into the virtual plots of the game they play and experience it as it were real!

To get a hang of what we’re saying for yourself, you can try downloading one or all of the best VR games we’ve put together below.

Top 10 Best VR Games in 2020

1. Donut County:

Donut county

A combination of narrative mystery and puzzle-solving skills, this is one of the most popular VR games trending the internet now. An exciting story plot, engaging characters, and interesting minute-to-minute gameplay, you aren’t likely to let go of this game real soon.

2. Alto’s Adventure

Altos adventure

You’ll love this game if you’re a snowboarding fan. Get a feel of real adrenaline-rushing adventure as you snowboard at extremely high speed down a mountain. And what keeps you going is the mesmerizing scenic backdrop against which the game has been set. The unbelievable day-to-night conversions are a true visual delight and the remarkable soundtrack all make the game download so worth it.

3. The Room: Old Sins

The Room Old Sins

Another game from the horror genre, but definitely unique in character and feel to the very core. We suggest you immerse yourself completely in the gameplay mode if you really want to enjoy the game to the fullest. Sit in a dark room, put headphones on, and let nothing distract you. Get ready to feel chills running down your spine as you try to search for an artifact after the sudden news of a missing engineer breaks out.

4. Pumped BMX Series

Pumped BMX Series

This one for those who loved bike stunts when they were younger and wish to relive the thrill all over again. Lots of pumped jumps on a BMX bike, multiple backflips, and spins in the air – you definitely want to try this one for all the never-ending excitement.

5. ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved

You’ll surely love this VR game app. It’s got everything – thrill, fear, and excitement build up as you slowly go about unraveling through a land inhabited by dinosaurs! You need to fight for survival every minute here – learn to make a fire on your own, hunt for food, create weapons to fight the dinos, and even make clothing to keep warm.

6. Blackbox

One of the most loved apps in recent times, this one is an outcome of some brilliant out-of-the-box thinking. What makes it interesting is that the app runs on a smartphone but doesn’t require you to touch your phone screen at all while you’re at it. Instead, you’re supposed to use all the other sensors available on your phones like the camera, mic, or accelerometer. Shout at your phone, flip it over, turn it upside down to solve puzzles and move ahead – but no touching the screen.

7. io

Another of those unique VR game apps developed by someone with a brilliant mind, this one’s going to leave you longing for more. You just can’t seem to have enough of it, just like the plot of the gameplay where you control a black hole and move it around the whole city, devouring up all that you come across – from garbage bins to cars. And the fun part is, the bigger item your hole eats up, the more points you keep earning all the way.

8. NBA 2K Mobile

NBA 2K Mobile

Get a real-time experience at playing NBA right on your mobile. Create your own team, love the challenges thrown at you, and hit back at the competition. The super high-quality graphics and soundtracks really make this one a favorite download on the internet.

9. Budget Cuts

Designed to give you a real-time experience of how it’d be like if AI gets ready to take over human jobs right in their office setups? You’ll find robots trying to take over your job of paper stamping and document filing, and you have to stop them from making you jobless, even if they come at cheaper prices than you to companies. And you can resort to any means possible – violent or otherwise.

10. Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect

The last one on our list truly sums up the whole VR experience all these games promise to offer. Don’t go just by the name, this Tetris version is sure to sway you off your feet. True, everything remains just the same as in the basic Tetris game series; but in this app, you can play each game in a host of different environments, each offering a unique, unforgettable experience. The underwater level’s a popular favorite among users, giving you an exhilarating feeling of hearing underwater sounds and playing as whales float over your head.

Final Words:

With the pace at which VR game apps are being launched in the online world and the equal pace at which new advancements to them get made even before the original makes room for itself, it is quite commendable indeed. And how come the whole concept has reached the pinnacle of success in such a short span? Well, there’s seemingly only one logical explanation to this – VR gaming has managed to return every adult on to a journey of their childhood full of fun and enthralling activities to engage in. The way in which it has done it too deserved to be applauded. The whole real-time experience of witnessing a larger-than-life image and immersive graphic details that would sway you in a jiffy, it truly is something. For all these reasons and many more that developers are sure to come up with real soon, it can be safely said that the VR gaming industry is sure to stay and keep entertaining millions around the globe.

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