How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

Hey guys! iCloud Activation Lock acts as a security feature of the operating system of Apple’s iPad, iPhone, apple watch and iPod Touch. It provides services to secure your iPhone’s data and documents from getting lost.  There is a minimal requirement to bypass iCloud Activation in our everyday life. But in case your device has been stolen then bypassing iCloud Activation remains an only a viable solution to find necessary details about your device. iCloud can be hacked by those people who know your details or simply by skilled hackers.

So, you will get to know methods and simple hacks to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone.

Methods to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock:

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Method #1:

You want to bypass iCloud lock quickly and get accessibility to your iOS device. Remember! This method is temporary in nature.

  • You simply have to click on Home Button and choose wifi settings. Then you have to select the ‘i’ symbol.
  • Then you will be led to network settings. Replace your old DNS with your new one based on your location. For example, users in the USA will put their new DNS as
    iCloud activation using DNS method
  • After entering the correct DNS, click on the back button followed by Activation Help.

Now you will receive a message stating that you have connected to the server successfully. This means you will now be able to perform major functions including its settings.

Method #2:

If you want to bypass iCloud Activation Lock permanently, then continue to follow steps after you have already bypassed your iCloud activation lock temporarily.

  • Click to the menu, then application and cash respectively. Your device will start rebooting.
  • When your iOS device restarts, choose your own Country and Language.
  • Click on the Home button and press on more Wifi settings. You have to again tap on ‘i’ symbol beside wifi network which you will connect to.
  • You need to scroll down to the menu present under the HTTP proxy section.
    iCloud activation using HTTP proxy method
  • Now clear address bar that is given completely and clicks on globe icon present in keyboard.
  • Enter 16-30 random characters in the port field, and then click on Back and select next.
  • You will see the language and unlock screen is appearing repeatedly. Now you just have to slide all unlock and language options until the Home screen is appearing on your device.

You can now have the accessibility to perform major functions. But you have to start all over again if you want to use Newsstand, Phone or Face Time. You can also avail paid services to unlock iCloud. But you need to be conscious of paid unlocking services, as there are many scammers offering iCloud bypass solution.

Method #3:

The official method, most popular among Apple users. If you want to take the help of Apple’s specialists then follow these steps.

  • You can contact Apple customer care for technical support. You have to answer to their two secret questions, date of birth followed by first and last name.
  • From this, you can understand you have to be the owner of your device. Answering all their questions correctly you will receive a positive answer with seven days. You only need to restore your device after that.

Method #4:

Several websites like Lock wiper offer you a free trial version of Lock solution to your iCloud before you commit to buy. For purchasing, you need to avail of a license for it.

Method #5:

IMEI iCloud unlock method

IMEI iCloud unlock is generally used for marketing works as it implies offer services that have access to iCloud databases. It can turn off Find my iPhone feature of any iPhone. Though you will find IMEI services are not quite steady but have a 100% success rate. During the last three to four years several IMEI iCloud Unlock providers gave similar services for only a few dollars around $20 – $30. It is one of the widespread scams because the payment methods they use become difficult rather than impossible for clients to avail of refunds. They generally hide their uncanny return policies within their Terms and Conditions to keep away from reimbursing your compensation.

Final Words:

iCloud Activation Lock has been designed to fight offense and in fact theft of iPad and iPhone meaningless. However, there is another side of the coin. A major disadvantage of this feature is that the process is irreversible.  In case you block device activation and forget your Apple ID password which is the solution to your password recovery, then no one can restore your access to iPhone or iPad. Thus you can understand that the device will twirl into ineffective gadgets, appropriately for breaking nuts only. In that case, you want to avoid the hassle, you require to restore your Apple Id password safely.

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