How to Use Canon DSLR as a Webcam?

Canon is the most significant camera manufacturer in the world. The Japanese company is known for its DSLR devices. The multinational corporation specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of imaging and optical products. Your Canon DSLR can be used as a webcam for high-quality video quality. They work on a massive lineup of devices. Their cameras offer high-quality point and shoot pictures along with video content.

It is the perfect solution for content creators. The DSLR can be repurposed as an HD video camera for your Windows and macOS devices. In this article, we are going to cover all aspects of the invention. We will also talk about how to use it with different applications. 

canon dslr as webcam

How to Convert Canon DSLR into a WebCam?

Video producers have been doing this for a while now. They use high-end HDMI capture cards to record and stream videos on their computers. For the common man, these can be quite expensive. We are going to use the official Canon EOS webcam utility to our advantage. The software is still in its beta version. The application can help you to connect your camera to the PC. The software will help you to turn your DSLR into a webcam quickly. The utility was recently released, and it has made things quite simple. During these challenging times, we are all relying on video calls to stay connected. Follow our guide and call your friends in high definition quality. 

  • On your Windows device open your favourite browser. Visit the following link to download the Canon EOS webcam utility –
  • Scroll down on the web page to find your camera model. The software is still in its early versions, so not all models are available. Users can mix and match the drivers for devices with close model numbers. Canon has tried to cover all the EOS DSLR, Mirrorless, and Powershot models.
  • Download the EOS webcam utility drivers for your camera model. Install the software to start using your DSLR camera as a webcam. The software is only a few megabytes in size. It will take up only a few seconds to download on your computer. You can find the software in the drivers and utility section of your camera page.
  • Open the downloaded .zip file on your device. Extract the drivers from the compressed folder on your desktop.
  • Now run the installation file that comes in the compressed document. It will install all the drivers for your Canon DSLR or EOS camera. Now when you use your camera on PC, you can easily use it as a webcam.
  • For the drivers to work smoothly, you need to restart your computer. It will refresh the internal driver’s list of your Windows OS. It is a mandatory step for your camera to run smoothly. 
  • Users can now need to connect their Canon DSLR to the computer using the micro USB to USB cable. Put your camera on movie/video mode using the physical button. The PC should automatically detect the device as a webcam module. 

Voila! Now you can easily use your camera as a webcam on your computer. It is an easy hack if you don’t already have a webcam or just want better picture quality. 

How to Use Canon DSLR as a Webcam on Skype?

  • We have successfully set up our camera as a webcam. Now, let’s try it out on a few popular video calling software. Skype is the most popular video calling platform, with over 100 million users. Here is our guide to using your Canon DSLR on the software.
  • Users can easily download the skype video call software using this link – It will take you to the Microsoft webpage. Download and install the application to start video calling. 
  • Start the skype video call software on your Windows device. Here you can find all of your contacts and previous video call logs. 
  • Click on your profile icon to find the options to your skype. Select the skype settings to set up your camera.
  • In the settings menu, you will find the Audio and Video settings. Click on this option to find your camera utilities. In the video, the option selects the EOS webcam utility as your default video source. It will help you get footage from your camera for video calls.

Amazing! Now your Canon DSLR will work as a webcam with the skype application. 

How to use Canon DSLR as a webcam for Browser Apps?

There are many video calling applications that run through our browsers. These include popular websites like Facebook and Google meet. Now you can join your virtual meetings from your browser with the Canon DSLR as a webcam. Follow this guide to set up your device as a webcam on google chrome. Here are the steps – 

  • On your Windows device start the google chrome browser. It is one of the most used software on all platforms. Visit –
  • On your browser, open up the settings option. You can find it easily by clicking on the three dots icon on your top right corner.
  • In the browser settings head over to the privacy and security option. This option handles all the external connections to your browser.
  • Click on the site settings option on this page. It helps in the communication between your hardware and software used by websites.
  • Click on the camera settings option on this page. Here you can select the Canon EOS webcam utility as the default video source. 

Congratulations! Now you can easily use the Canon DSLR on your web browser as a webcam. It will work with popular meeting websites like Google Hangouts Meet. 


Canon has a massive lineup of DSLR cameras. Recently they released a webcam utility to help people stuck at home. It is quite beneficial for users who do not have a webcam to their desktop. Canon devices can be turned into a makeshift video calling apparatus for Windows. Users can try these to connect with anyone online. The EOS webcam utility can be beneficial to use Canon DSLR as a webcam. Use this guide to your advantage in this quarantine. Stay indoors and stay safe.

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