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10 Best Android Flashlight Apps 2021

Flashlight apps are becoming extinct. Google began providing them in Android as early as Lollipop, and OEM skins have included them for much longer. As the market share for newer versions of Android grows, the requirement for this decreases. We haven’t forgotten about those of you who prefer a third-party app or have devices that are too old to have their own flashlight app. We’ve compiled a list of flashlight apps with the minimal minimum of permissions that should suit your needs nicely. The majority of these should have no more than two (Internet access for advertising, and then the camera permission). There are a couple of people who only have camera permission. The best flashlight apps for Android are listed here!

1. Flashlight

The name Flashlight isn’t the most original, but it’s a good flashlight app. It has a basic user interface, a quick on/off button, a widget, and you can even toggle the flashlight on and off by shaking the phone. It also has none of the typical permissions, is free, and has no advertising. If you like, you can upgrade to the pro edition for $4.99, but it’s completely optional. This isn’t the most innovative app on the list, but it’s straightforward and functional.

2. Color Flashlight

One of the most popular flashlight apps is Color Flashlight. It also comes with a plethora of functions. It either uses your device’s screen or the LED flash on the back. The app can strobe in a variety of patterns as well as colours (on screen only). There are also custom effects, emergency effects, and other options. It essentially performs all functions. There are no in-app purchases in this app, so it’s completely free. However, there are advertisements.

Developer: Notes
Price: Free

3. Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster

One of the simple flashlight apps is Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster. It works with both your device’s screen and the camera’s LED flash. The app creates a variety of patterns by strobing light (on the screen). This includes things like Morse Code, SOS, and other similar signals. In addition, the developer describes how the programme works with permissions. It’s a straightforward, free flashlight app. Advertisements can be found. We only there was a method to pay for the removal of those. However, it isn’t a major issue.

Developer: Ruddy Rooster
Price: Free

4. High-Powered Flashlight

This is an Android flashlight app with an intuitive and stylish user interface. It’s the brightest and most useful LED flashlight on the market! It’s the only Android flashlight with a compass, ensuring that you never get lost in the dark. It has the quickest starter flashlight and strobe mode with 10 distinct frequencies, as well as a built-in SOS flashlight. This is one of the best flashlight apps for Android that you should have.

Developer: iHandy Ltd.
Price: Free

5. Icon Torch

Icon Torch is a one-of-a-kind flashlight application. It doesn’t have a user interface. That implies there are no settings, no lessons to learn, and so on. The app’s icon simply switches on or off your LED flash. That is all there is to it. When the light is turned on or off, it does not alter colour or shape. It’s just a basic button that turns on the light in the device’s rear. It’s also completely free, with no advertisements or in-app purchases. That’s all there is to it. It’s just a simple flashlight application.

Developer: Aleksandr Balaev
Price: Free

6. Flashlight HD

Another older flashlight app with an excellent track record is Flashlight HD. It also makes use of the phone’s screen and/or LED light on the back. Home screen widgets, numerous colours (on screen only), and a simple style are also included in the software. It’s a free app with some advertising, like others. There is a $2.99 pro version available that is ad-free. In the Play Store listing, the developer provides a list of devices that this app will not operate with for whatever reason. Aside than that, it’s a good flashlight app.

7. Tiny Flashlight

Another popular flashlight app is Tiny Flashlight. It’s a little app that takes up less space on your device than most. Extra features are available in the app, albeit many of them require extra plugins. This is done to keep the original app’s size while also allowing for some customisation. A persistent notification option (essential for newer Android lock screens) is also included, as well as support for on-screen flashlights and the back-mounted LED flash. It’s easy to do, it works, and it’s inexpensive. There are advertisements, but they aren’t horrible.

8. Flashlight Free

Flashlight Free is one of the few completely free flashlight apps available, with no ads or in-app purchases. It has a short feature list. It’s just as simple as opening it and turning on your LED flash. In addition, the user interface is unremarkable. That’s OK because it’s not designed to work that way. It’s a straightforward application that simply works. The last time it was updated was in 2016, so it’s been a while. We’re hoping the creator maintains this one up to date. Even if it doesn’t, most people should be able to use it for a time. There is no difference between the free and premium versions. The $1.00 is a donation to the developer that is optional.

Developer: Humberto
Price: Free

9. Smart Flashlight

If you’ve tried the flashlight apps for Android listed above and are looking for something new, try Flashlight. This software is straightforward, light, and one of the best flashlight apps for Android. It might be the ideal fit for you. It can keep the LED on even if the flashlight app is closed or the screen is locked, and it has three various sizes of home screen widgets and one lock screen widget. The fantastic thing is that this flashlight automatically shuts off when you put your phone in your pocket. It’s an uncommon flashlight app that’s considerate of your personal information.

Developer: Slim Gears
Price: Free

10. Torch

Torch is a modern flashlight app that is shockingly good. If you wish to go that route, it uses both the LED on the back of your phone and the screen as a flashlight. The software also has an AMOLED-friendly dark mode, a flashlight widget for the home screen, only one permission (camera for the flashlight), no adverts, and is under 1MB in size. It checks every box imaginable for a good camera app. To be quite honest, this is a simple recommendation.


If we missed any of the best flashlight apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments!


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