How to Get Free PUBG UC?

PUBG is one of the most popular Android and iOS games. The battle royale game has taken over the world with a storm. It has been years since a game has such a massive impact on the industry. It is free to play the game, which is available on mobile devices. UC virtual cash can be used to purchase many things. It can be used to redeem royale passes, outfits, skins, and more. It is in extremely high demand these days. People are spending hours on the game at home. 

How to Get Free PUBG UC

PUBG Mobile has many in-game purchases. These are helpful for people who want to buy skins and other in-game items. They form a considerable part of the game and are one of the most wanted in-game items. Today we will look at how to get free PUBG UC. 

This article will cover all methods to get free PUBG UC cash. The virtual currency is usually available for sale with real money. Follow our guide to enhance your gameplay today with free PUBG UC. 

Methods to Getting Free PUBG UC:

Get free PUBG UC

All of the methods used here are 100% legal. PUBG can identify hacks and mods instantly. It is recommended that you don’t use them, and it can lead to your account getting banned. 

Earning Apps:

PUBG UC cash can be easily purchased from the google play store. Users around the world can buy it directly from within the game. It also accepts local forms of payments. In India, Paytm is one of the most prominent wallets. There are many applications that enable users to earn free Paytm cash in their portfolio. It can be used to purchase PUBG UC from the Play store. Paytm also has an official application that allows users to earn money while playing games. Let’s have a look at some of these earning apps. 

1. Paytm First Games

Paytm first games

Paytm first games is an initiative by one97 communication to help their users earn money. It is a fantastic application that can help you quickly make a quick buck. It is especially useful for PUBG users who want to buy UC cash. There are many different games on the app. You can compete in these 1v1 games to win money. There are different prices, according to the game. Featured contests keep on happening. Paytm has many games like eight ball pool, rummy, quiz masters, and much more. There is a jackpot tool as well for gamers who want to try their luck. The Paytm first games application is there to reward your participation. Get paid for every move you make. Compete in a game by entering using a token amount. Usually, it is a small sum like Rs2. Users can exponentially increase their entry fee by winning the pure plays. 

2. Hago


Hago is another popular application which helps users to earn real money. It connects with your social media application. Users can match with random strangers in many different games. The platform has exciting games like ludo, sheep fight, knife hit, eight balls, carrom, and much more. It is a fun and interactive method to earn money. Users will love the application. You can easily withdraw cash once you reach a certain threshold amount. In the initial stages, it is Rs25. 

There is an in-game plant that can be grown. As the plant grows, users gain money and rewards. Users can play games to earn things like water and fertilizer to improve their plants further. There is a messaging and social media aspect in the app as well. Users get extra points for referring to their friends. When you water, your money plant users get rewarded with money. Complete tasks to get cash for your plant. 

Online Surveys:

Online surveys are an excellent way to earn free money. There are many applications and websites which are up to the mark. Here are our top picks, which can help you make money. 

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards

The official application from google helps you earn google cash. It can be easily redeemed when you need to make an in-app purchase. In our case, it can be used while purchasing the PUBG UC cash. The Google opinion rewards app provides you with money for completing surveys. Users are required to sign up using their Gmail accounts. It is a helpful application which allows you to make money for free. 

The google play credit gets directly added to the Gmail account. It can take up some time to build a massive amount with the app. The application updates you with surveys as soon as they are available. The polls expire within 24 hours. This way, you get a limited time to earn your fair share. It is best used when you are free. Spend a few minutes on the application every day. Over time you will end up saving a lot of money. 

Survey Websites

There are standalone survey websites as well. These websites offer consumers with high earning potential. Many winning sites are fake, but after doing thorough research, we have found these to be working. We will showcase two popular survey websites here. 

1. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars

The InboxDollars website helps you make money effortlessly. It is the perfect website for people who want to earn a quick buck. You are provided with a humongous $5 sign up bonus. Users can complete minor tasks to build on this amount. The InboxDollars website is available only in a few geographical regions currently. It enables users to earn money by completing daily surveys. Users are provided with real money instead of points. You can even earn by watching live TV and playing games. Shopping and cash offers are a part of the website. Make online purchases using their cashback tool. You can easily withdraw real money after you have met the InboxDollars withdrawal limit. 

Visit –

2. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a famous online counterpart to InboxDollars. It is a much more interactive and laidback method of earning money. The website has been covered by popular new media outlets like the Huffington Post. It is a legitimate website and will help you get paid real quick. Users of the site can easily earn Swagbucks SB by completing regular tasks. There is an offer wall to try different surveys. It is a service aimed primarily at students, and the platform pays you for doing every minor job. 

Users can also get paid for playing games. The website rewards you for watching sponsored videos and using their search engine. Users can withdraw their money as coupon codes, gift cards, or real PayPal cash balance. For 2500 Swagbucks, you can remove $25. 

Visit –

PUBG Royal Pass:

PUBG Royal Pass

The PUBG Royal pass is a paid purchase. Users require to spend a lot of UC to acquire it. The game developers understand that young gamers are the target audience. They do not want their customers to keep on spending money either. The Royal Pass helps you by providing free UC as you complete missions. At the end of a season, you can get your money back in the form of UC. It is an efficient method of keeping gamers engaged. Dedicated PUBG players will have to spend only once to get a Royal Pass. With the money earned back, you can purchase it again. 


PUBG is the biggest game on smartphones today. UC is a virtual in-game currency which is in high demand. We are spending a lot of time on games as everyone is at home these days. We all want to try out the premium gaming features. The PUBG Royal Pass and in-game skins can be purchased using this virtual currency. It can be quite expensive to acquire when you are making a purchase. In this article, we talk about various methods to get free PUBG UC. It will take some time to get started, but all of the methods are working. We have tried and tested to give you the best possible outlook. Follow our guide to get started with your online PUBG missions. 

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