Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

iOS is one of the most popular operating systems. The platform runs on all Apple devices. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are the only devices that can run iOS. Apple is known for its extremely exclusive environment. PC users are in luck because we are going to look at an iOS emulator. An emulator software will help you run the smartphone operating system on your Windows and Mac devices. iOS emulators will help you run all the iOS apps and games on your computers. It is the perfect way to test out your applications before publishing them. Here is our list of best iOS emulators for your PC devices. 

5 Best iOS Emulators Of 2020

Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10

Here we listed all possible ways to use iOS Emulators on you PC. Go through the list and pick the best possible method for you.

Web Emulators

iOS has a lot of options available for users. There are many web-based emulators available online. These help you to experience iOS on Windows and Mac devices through your browsers. It is quite convenient and can run efficiently without utilizing a lot of resources. It is a preferable option for people who have low-end computers. Let’s have a look at some of the popular web emulators for iOS. 


The website is the complete package. The web emulator can completely change the way you use your browser. It is handy for people who want to try iOS. The web page will load instantly. The iOS emulator can run directly on the website. There is no need for an external application like android emulators. It is quite friendly with all types of devices. It is suitable to run all native mobile apps in your browser. It works best for professional uses like developing iOS demos, training, and customer support tasks.


  • Online – The website can be used to run any application. You can instantly start experiencing iOS with one click.
  • Free demo – The demo allows you to test their services for free. Users can quickly sign up for their emulator services. A Premium emulator is a paid feature. Users can also try the trial version to test the application for free. 
  • Run tests – Upload your application on the website to test it out. It is a great emulator for all of your iOS needs. 

It is a suitable emulator for both personal and development use. 

Visit –

2. Smartface


Smartface has its version of an in-browser iOS emulator and simulator. Smartface is a famous software development company. The official website of the company hosts the Software. Users can access this emulator feature only after making a purchase. They specialize in business tools.

It is a more premium emulator service for iOS users. The platform is suitable for businesses and developers. It can be essential for testing out applications, and users can have a great time with this Software. You can select the iOS device type and iOS version within your browser. There are a lot of customization options available on their website. 


Here are some of the highlights from the smart face emulator – 

  • Test applications – The emulator is perfect for trying your apps that are under development. Big development studiOS and individuals use it. You can add any preset with the emulator and run multiple tests. 
  • Instant access – The website doesn’t require you to install any software. The emulator runs seamlessly on your browser, and it enables instant access for all users. The site will work on all computer operating systems, and it includes Windows, macOS, and Linux. 
  • All devices – The emulator can be used to simulate any iOS device. It includes all the Apple devices ever created. Users can test their applications on a wide variety of methods. It can help you reduce all the bugs. 

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Official iOS Emulators for APP Development:

Yes! You heard it right. Apple has Software that will help you with iOS emulation. The tool is useful for testing in development apps. 

1. Xcode


Apple has their official iOS emulator. Developers love the coding platform. The Xcode development suite for Mac devices helps you instantly test your applications. The ecosystem is useful for making applications for all Apple devices. Xcode 11 is the latest version of the coding software. It includes everything that a user needs to develop working software and apps. Users can take advantage of the accessible Swift UI that blesses many developers. It helps you quickly keep track of your online resources. The iOS emulator can run once you need to debug an application. You can see the real-time progress of your app with the emulator using the live mode. 

It is the perfect software emulator for developers on macOS. We recommend it to anyone serious about app development. 

2. Visual Studio

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is the go-to application for development on Windows. The Microsoft developed suite helps you create all kinds of Software and applications. The Xamarin mobile suite on the development software enables you to emulate iOS on Windows. Developers can quickly test their applications in real-time with this suite. The emulator is a necessity for users who write thousands of lines of code. Xamarin does require you to have a macOS device to function to its fullest potential. The Visual Studio application can help you run the emulator simultaneously. The development suite also works efficiently with a touch screen Windows device. Developers are going to find it easy to develop on Windows with this emulator. We recommend the Software to all Windows developers. 

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Software Emulators

There are many casual emulators available for iOS. These emulators are useful for users who want to try out iOS on Windows or macOS devices. 

1. iPadian Software

iPadian Software

iPadian is a popular iOS emulator. It is available on all computer devices, and users can easily install iOS apps and games on their Windows and macOS devices. The emulator is available for $25 with its premium features. It can be quite resourceful for people who want to try iOS exclusive games or apps. iPadian does not stress up your hardware. It also comes with developer tools. The iPadian Software can be called a simulator instead of an emulator. 

It does not fully replicate the iOS experience. iPadian does not install a version of iOS on your Windows device, and the iPadian store has many popular iOS apps and games. You can try this app if you want to learn the difference between iOS and Android. 

We have covered every aspect of the iOS emulator with this article. There is an emulator for all of your needs. All of the Software here is equally capable. We recommend users to try their services efficiently. However, you can never go wrong with the official iOS emulator. Xcode can be quite useful for app developers. 


iOS emulators are rare to find online. In our guide, we have covered all the primary emulator service available currently. You can try this Software to experience iOS on your computer devices. The platform is prevalent among the masses. Apple’s exclusivity has led to restrictions for third-party developers. There are not a lot of iOS emulators available in the market like Android. With our article, you can find the perfect iOS emulator for your needs.

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