How to Use Kik Messenger for PC?

Kik Messenger or Kik is a leading interactive platform that is available on the iOS and Android smartphone platforms. It is possible for free and doesn’t require you to spend a single penny to use their services. The messenger is a unique platform to connect with your friends. It offers users with a sense of modern messaging and provides an extensively extraterrestrial experience. The Kik application is well known for its use by the younger generations. It is a hip platform for people who want to make new friends and love to text. Today we are going to focus on how to download the Kik messenger for PC. With the help of this guide, we look forward to clearing all of your doubts regarding the application.

KIK for Windows 10

About Kik Messenger:

Kik is a Canadian messaging service that has been around for nine years now. The application was released for significant smartphone platforms on October 19, 2010. The Kik application is entirely internet-based and uses your WiFi or smartphone mobile data to help you connect with your friends. You can easily share messages, images, videos, sketches, web pages, etc. through this platform with your friends. The Kik application has over 300 Million active users who use the app to stay in touch with their close ones.

KIK connecting the world through chat

It is quite popular because the app enables users to connect with random people through just their usernames. It makes it quite popular among teenagers who want to make new friends. Roughly 40% of the people using the app are from the United States. As of 2019, the Kik application is owned by the MediaLab corporation.

Features of Kik Messenger for PC:

The Kik messenger is a platform that is unmatched by any other. It was one of the very first apps to offer peer to peer messaging in a time when no one else would. This platform has focussed entirely on messaging instead of other social interaction formats like sharing pictures or portfolio building. Here are some of the fantastic features you can get out of the app.

1. Chat

The chat feature allows you to stay connected with your friends on the platform. Users also can create group chats. It is one of the easiest ways to start messaging in an anonymous group. The app also offers a chat feature with unknown bots according to your preferences. It is quite a unique application in its chat services. There is no other platform that has excelled so well in the chat feature. Your chats are completely secure with the encryption settings that are used by Kik.


2. Expressing made easy

The Kik platform is known for its interactive messaging environment. This is what makes it so popular among teenagers. You can easily express yourself through this platform. There are many different ways to put down your thoughts into words in this app. Send in your messages through stickers, Gifs, emojis, or ever photo cutouts of you and your friends. You can also choose the old fashioned method of typing out what you have to say. There are speculations that soon there is going to be an animoji feature for iOS devices.


3. Simple interface

No one likes a messaging application which is too flashy and confusing. The fantastic and straightforward interface will allow you to connect with the people you want quickly. The refreshing white and green message bubbles are instantly recognizable and fun to send messages. The design update is intended to keep the things low key so that you don’t strain your eyes too much while messaging. The focus of the messaging platform is on helping you to connect, communicate, and be yourself while texting.

KIK chat

4. Bots

The Bots feature of the Kik app is certainly something that has never been seen before. They certainly add an entirely new dimension to messaging in 2020. Through these bots, you can play games, listen to music, and even catch up on the news. Some major brands like CNN have their bots available on the platform. A bot shop is a unique place for you to get a bot for all your needs.

Bots in KIK chat

5. Anonymous Use on Kik Messenger

The one thing that the Kik messenger is known for is its anonymous use. Anyone can join the platform with just an internet connection. You can sign up for its services without giving your phone number. The application, however, logs your IP address which can be used to determine your location.

Features of KIK

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How to Download Kik Messenger for PC?

The Kik messenger is not officially available on the PC platform, unlike applications like WhatsApp or Instagram. There is no official app on the Microsoft Store, but we can use a bypass to run the form on our windows or mac devices. The method that we are going to use involves an android emulator. We recommend our users to try out any of the following emulators to test out the services of the Kik app.

  1. Bluestacks –
  2. Nox player –
  3. MEmu –

All of these emulators are well equipped to run the app efficiently. Give any one of them a go because they are equally valid. For the sake of clarity, we are going to be using the bluestacks software for this tutorial.

  • Download Bluestacks 

Open up the browser on your PC or Mac device to start with the process. Head over to this link –

  • Install Bluestacks 

After the download is done, begin with the installation procedure. It will download the extra files for Bluestacks in the background and install it on your PC.

Bluestacks 4

  • Run Bluestacks 

Once the installation finishes, open up Bluestacks on your PC or Mac. If it is your first time running Bluestacks, then you need to sign in to your google account to use android.

Bluestacks playstore

  • Download Kik from play store 

Sign in to your Google account and install the android version of the messenger from the play store. Alternatively, you can also download the Kik apk from the following link and install the app directly in bluestacks.

KIK on Bluestacks

  • Run Kik

After the download is completed, you can easily enjoy the Kik app on your PC by just logging in using your username and password.

KIK on emulator


Through this article, we learned that the Kik messenger is an excellent platform for the younger generations. You should give it a try if you want to explore anonymous messaging. Many teenagers around the world are already on the platform. You can easily connect with anyone through this app and make new connections. The app is, however, not available on PC directly, so we make the use of an emulator to download and run it. It is a great way to experience the messaging features of the app on a computer.

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