How to Get Netflix Student Discount?

Netflix is the largest streaming platform on the internet. It is the best resource for your entertainment on the internet. The Netflix subscription can set you back about $10 monthly. It is not the only streaming service right now. Users around the world are trying different entertainment platforms.

How to Get Netflix Student Discount

Today we will look at the Netflix student discount. The youngsters already have a lot of places to spend their money. An entertainment subscription will cost even more money. A student discount will make things feasible. In this quarantine, most of us are spending their time online. 

Netflix offers a free trial to all of its users. You can try the platform for a month for free. Sadly currently, there are no Netflix student discounts. Users can make the most of the free trial. With some careful tweaks, you can redeem the free trial unlimited times. 

Netflix Student Discount – How to Get Free Trial?

The Netflix free trial is a great way to watch shows and movies for free. It is the proper method to subscribe to Netflix for free. You can redeem this offer unlimited times. All you need is a virtual credit card generator. Many online websites and apps offer you this service. Here are the steps to redeem the Netflix free trial for students. 

  • On your desktop, open up the browser. Visit the following link to visit the Netflix website – It will take you to the Netflix landing page. 
  • Enter your email address on the webpage. Here you can easily click on trial now to begin. It will help you with the signup.
  • The plan is the central part of your sign up. Select the option that suits you best. It is the first step in the signup process. Find a plan that is suitable for you.
    Netflix plans and pricing
  • The next step is to add your security details. Add a safe and secure password to create your account. It will protect you from hacks and anyone stealing your details.
    Create a Netflix account to start your membership
  • The final step is to add your payment details. Users need to enter their financial information to start the trial. 
  • Netflix requires a credit card, debit card, or PayPal to create your account. You can easily cancel the subscription after your free trial. If you cancel within 30 days, you wouldn’t be charged anything.
    Payment methods in Netflix

Voila! Now you can easily stream hours of content with your Netflix account. It is the perfect website to explore your entertainment options. 

Alternative Entertainment Websites With Student Discounts:

Netflix doesn’t offer its users a student discount. Many other entertainment websites have student discounts. These are popular alternatives to the Netflix website. Users can quickly sign up at discounted prices on these platforms. Here are our top picks for Netflix alternatives, which also offer student discounts. 

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a vast ecosystem of services. Once you sign up for the Amazon prime platform, you can access every branch of Amazon. The excellent video service is a great entertainment website. The website is host to many popular TV shows and Movies. 

Prime Video student discount

They also produce exclusive content regularly. The student discount makes it a lot more affordable for students. Their best select show is Jack Ryan starring famous actor John Krasinsky. The show is loved by many and is a great reason to try out the platform. The platform also hosts many regional shows and movies to cater to your taste. A single membership gives you a lot of benefits. The Amazon Prime student discount is a must-have for many. In the long run, you will end up saving a lot of money. It is the perfect platform for regular shoppers. 

2. Hulu Student Discounts

Hulu is one of the biggest entertainment networks. Disney currently owns them, and the platform has a lot of premium shows. The cult classic Brooklyn 99 TV series from NBC is available here. Many people purchased the platform to watch the latest season of the show. It is the perfect platform for students. Hulu has partnered up with Spotify to provide students one of the best entertainment deals. For $5, users can try Hulu. Users can save 50% on their premium plan for both the services. 

Hulu Student Discount

You can enjoy music and entertainment on the go with this service. Viewers also get access to the premium SHOWTIME services. It is the best deal you can get for your money. The only issue is that users who have access to the Hulu AD supported the plan. You can enjoy fantastic entertainment for less than a cup of premium coffee. 

3. CBS all access student plan

CBS all access student plan

CBS is one of the biggest broadcast networks. They have their online entertainment subscription service through the CBS all-access plan. Users can get CBS network television for affordable prices with this plan. Users can get a 25% discount on all of their projects with a student membership. The CBS network has a lot of premium content. You get access to all of their network shows and live TV streaming services. The material on the website is undoubtedly limited, but it is a must-have for die-hard fans. The network is home to popular shows like The big bang theory and young Sheldon. You can easily enjoy premium content like Star Trek Discovery and NCIS. Watch all the Paramount movies in one place. It is the best platform for people who love classic television. Now you can carry it around in your smartphones. 

4. Youtube Premium

Youtube Premium

Youtube is a popular video streaming service. The platform is well recognized globally. It is the front page of online entertainment on the internet. Students can try the youtube premium services for an extremely affordable price. Users can also quickly get a free trial month when they subscribe. You get access to AD free video and background play. Download any content on the platform for free. Users also get access to the youtube premium music feature. It is the best way to consume online entertainment. 

5. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle Student discount

Crackle is one of the most popular streaming platforms. Sony has done an excellent job with its online streaming service as crackle has limited content but is all available for free. Users can watch TV shows and Movies supported by ads. Sony crackle is, however, available only in some regions. You can watch many classic TV shows and cartoons on the platform. Students will love the free entertainment available on the website, and the platform provides you with free movies. 


Netflix is one of the best platforms to watch popular TV shows. Users can easily view premium content for free with their trials. The service doesn’t offer any student discount, however. With this article, we were able to cover significant platforms that have their plans. With the alternatives presented here, you can get entertainment for affordable prices.

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