PS4 vs Xbox One – Which is Best in 2020?

PS4 and Xbox One are the most highly rated and high grossing sales consoles that have been ruling the market for a long time now. In spite of new consoles that have been invented, these consoles have not stopped charming the gamers. However, for people who have not yet bought any of these consoles face difficulties and are unable to choose between the PS4 and Xbox One. Are you one of those? Both are suitable and similar, isn’t it the case?

PS4 VS Xbox One

Both leading brands Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 are considered as individual consoles consisting of thousands of game libraries and become really difficult to choose between them.

PS4 Vs Xbox One – Best Comparison

PS4 (PlayStation 4):

Play Station 4


The PS4 is a more powerful machine and has an ability to display games at a higher resolution. Most of the games run smoothly in 30 to 60 frames per second.

2.  Compatibility

In PS4 you won’t be able to play much older games and will have a single option of PlayStation now that only offers you to play PS3 games by spending $20/month and $45/month respectively. Even if you own a digital copy of an older game you won’t be able to play it. PS4 is very rigid in terms of playing older games.

3. User Interface

Play Station user interface

The user interface in PS4 is designed with better accessibility; it is simple and less rigid. You will be able to sort out games by making custom folders.

4. Controls

There is a little speaker inside the controller and can be used by gamers quite effectively. You will also experience embedded thumb pads that are quite larger than Xbox controllers. PS4 controllers are hardier and fit comfortably in your hand.

Play Station 4 controller

5. Storage and Ports

The PS4 is allotted with a camera port; both of the consoles have a storage capacity of 1TB or 500GB that is enough for storing a decent collection of your favorite games. In this feature, Xbox replaces PS4 because Microsoft is giving a more diverse port selection than Sony.

6. Game Selection

In terms of gaming, PS4 supports many high-end graphics games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, MLB: The Show and God of War.

7. Online Services

Ps4 takes advantage of its own PlayStation and considers gamers to stream a litany of Ps3 titles from Ps4. However, you need a strong internet connection for effortless gameplay. One more thing that makes Ps4 to the leading position is, it offers monthly free games by subscribing to PlayStation Plus.

8. Media Interface Apps

PS4 supports a good quality audio version with DTS HD, but it offers a little low quality. Moreover, in current dates, they are serving a fully-fledged streaming console. They are serving more than 100 PlayStation games which you can instantly stream.

9. Supported Application

Both consoles offer an unusual third-party subscription like Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. Moreover, they also support it.

Applications supported on Play Station 4

10. Future Aspects

After a lazy start, Ps4 launches several exclusive features and it seems ‘the future won’t be much different’. There are a number of games that you can only play through PlayStation. These games are The Last of US: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. We cannot see any slowdown from PS4. In fact, they are on their way to launch Ps5.

Xbox One:

Xbox One

1. Performance

Xbox one is extremely capable of playing 4 K resolutions with 60 frames per second. Both of these gaming consoles have the capacity to project high-end graphics. In this case, two of them are equal in terms of the project in a good performance.

2. Compatibility

However, Xbox One offers backward compatibility for many selected numbers of games. You can insert an Xbox 360 game to your Xbox one and you will be able to download a digital version of that game.

3. User Interface

Xbox One user interface

Though, as compared to Xbox One’s user interface it is more complex but the functionality is much more robust and adds regular updates adding new features into the UI.

4. Controls

The Xbox controller has many core elements in its 360 controller. Xbox adds two extra motors, a small thumb pad attached to the analog sticks. Many find this feature distressing.

Xbox One controller

5. Storage and Ports

Microsoft backs its port connection with IR blaster and two HDMI inputs that allow gamers to connect easily with the console to satellite cable TV and boxes. The picture is quite evident that Xbox one wants a wider demographic reach.

6. Game Selection

On the other hand, Xbox holds up a few exclusive games like Halo, Forza, and Gears of War. These are all considered as series games. Moreover, PS4 has a sizable back catalog of uniqueness which simply beat the offerings on the Xbox one.

7. Online Services

In terms of title selection, Xbox has some lacking issues, whether the gamers of Xbox can only access Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Apart from that, you have to pay for online gaming. There are no free game versions available in Xbox.

8. Media Interface Apps

Applications supported on Xbox One

The Xbox generally outputs uncompressed PCM audio data and it can facilitate you an enhancing media quality support. It has now AV receivers’ connection which can decode audio files natively. However, it indicates that the latest audio formats like DTS: X and Dolby Atmos are now got support through Blu-ray audio.

In terms of media streaming, if you are a subscriber of any cable TV then you also can connect the console to cable for greater performance and functionality.

9. Supported Application

Xbox offering different apps like HBO Go, Unstram, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Twitch.

10. Future Aspects

Despite the lead of PlayStation, Xbox is fixing their aim for a long term vision. They are looking forward to expanding their future projects and trying to establish a cross-platform play to develop a more appropriate feature. You can take an instance of Project xCloud which will get support in the future on Xbox One. Moreover, you can access this through both laptops and Smartphones.

PS4 Vs Xbox One: Overview

Xbox One VS Play Station 4 comparison

Final Words:

After a long time clash between Ps4 and Xbox, we came to a clear result to declare Ps4 a complete winner in various aspects like peripheral data, Game selection mode, controller settings gaming and also for future projects development. Now, this is your time to decide which will be best for you? Ps4 or Xbox?

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