Best Roblox Shooting Games to Play in 2020

Roblox shooting games are a great way to let loose. Roblox is a popular free to play game available on all platforms. The game is aimed at the young generation of gamers. It is a fun way to spend time online. Players around the world love the massively multiplayer game. It has a cult following among the youth. Users can take advantage of the platform to make new online friends. The platform is fantastic to try out many different game modes. You can easily chat with your in-game partners. 


There are many different maps and custom options available in the game. We will take a look at the popular Roblox shooting games.  The FPS genre is loved by millions online. Here are our top shooting game picks for Roblox. 

Best Roblox Shooting Games in 2020:

1. AWP Attack


AWP Attack is a standalone point and shoots game. Sniping games are a vast shooting genre. Gamers love to enjoy the game with enthusiasm. AWP attack is a game where you are put in random maps. Users can kill other gamers with their snipers. It is a test server and works flawlessly. The massively multiplayer game pairs you with a lot of other Roblox players. You can pair the gun with a pistol and knife. To make the gameplay more surreal, you have smoke grenades. It is fun to play games with your online friends. Scope into your enemies. Quickscoping is the way to go about in the maps. Get kills to be featured in the kill cams. You can enjoy VIP access by purchasing the game pack. AWP attack has unique gameplay mechanics. They all add up to make the experience enjoyable. 

2. Unit 1968


The Unit 1968 game is based on the Vietnam war. Join the American troops or the Vietcongs in the battle. There are many different maps available within the game. Users can enjoy a battlefield one like interface while playing the game. It is a perfect combination of fun and skill. Choose from the different Army ranks to fight the war. The weaponry is unique for both sides. You will love the game if you are a huge fan of shooters. The semi-realistic Vietnam war simulation is undoubtedly going to give you flashbacks. The game takes its inspiration from games like the day of infamy. Join 24 server matches and kill your opponents. Regular team deathmatches are running on the game servers. It is a gratifying experience on Roblox. 

3. Strucid



Strucid is an open world environment shooter. Users can enjoy a Fortnite like experience with the game. It combines aspects of battle royale and teams deathmatch. Gamers can instantly spawn after they die. It has many different game modes available. The level of progression makes the game quite addictive. Once you reach level 5, the battle royale experience opens up. Strucid is free to play and doesn’t require any external download. It is a must-have for people who love fast-paced multiplayer shooters. Build your covers and extract material with the pickaxe. The game has over 250 million visits so far. 

It is immensely popular in the Roblox community. Join the 18 player servers to enjoy a breathtaking multiplayer experience like never before. The lightweight game is efficient and hits every note right. 

4. Counter Blox 2


Counter Blox 2 offers a great simulation experience. It is a great free alternative to Counter-Strike Go. The game has maps quite similar to the game. Counter Blox 2 can be dubbed the toned-down version of counter strike. Try out the classic maps like Mirage, Dust2, and much more with the game. It works in a 5v5 matchmaking system. The gamers are divided into two groups—the counter-terrorists and terrorists. The objective for the terrorists is to successfully plant a bomb and cause an explosion in the game or kill all the CTs. Counter-terrorists aim to protect the map and eliminate all terrorists and defuse the bomb. It is a simple yet intuitive game mode. Counter Blox 2 has seen high favorable ratings. Try it out today. 

5. Ace of Spades


Ace of Spades is a unique battle game where you are put in a war. There are different game modes to try with the app on Roblox. The game is still in the beta versions and improving every day. It is a first-person shooter where you can build your trenches, get medical attention, attack enemies, and much more. It can also be a tower defense game with the aspects of protecting yourself by creating buildings. The game has received 1.5 million visits so far. The game runs 30 player servers at the same time. Join any game to conquer over the enemy. Capture the enemy flags and win the match. The game gets updated frequently, so you are in for a treat. 

6. All out zombies


Zombie shooters have been a part of many people’s childhood. The zombie shooter is based on the popular Left 4 Dead games. Take part in boss fights and defeat your enemies. There are waves of zombies attacking your team. Users will be thrown into a server to survive in the game. You can battle solo with your friends or as a team in an action-packed scenario. The game uses over 101 zombie waves to kill your morale. It is an overall enjoyable experience for many. 

New maps are added in the game regularly. The game rewards you with badges on completing tasks. You can join the VIP servers for some close-quartered fun. Users can combat in Solos or squad modes with the dreaded monsters. We recommend you try this fantastic shooter today. 

7. Island Royale


Experience a fantastic battle royale experience with Island Royale. It will completely change the way you play Roblox. The entire game is based on the popular Fortnite game. Users can easily enjoy the battle bus and the solo and squad adventures. Build your guards to dodge the bullets and save yourself from enemy attacks. The Island Royale gameplay is quite snappy. The fast-paced shooter game is quite fun to experience in the cartoon-like environment. Roblox can run on any device and doesn’t require many resources. It is a must-have game for people who cannot run the original game on their devices. The game is quite a story-driven. Try it out as a great alternative to the game. 

8. Nerf FPS


Nerf is a popular real-life shooter game. Many of us remember using toy guns to play with our friends. Roblox has combined the tag-based game with its shooting mechanics.

Nerf FPS is a great way to unwind with friends. The shooter takes inspiration from major multiplayer games. You will find intricate map design that is efficient to use. Try different blasters in the game to get instant tags. The game works on all platforms and is loved by gamers around the world. It is quite fast-paced, and you can try different Nerf guns. It is popular in the Roblox community, with over 25 million visits. Join 20 player servers to beat your opponents. The experience of the game is quite enjoyable. You can pair with your friends to join the community. 

9. Big Paintball


Paintball is a fun way to simulate gunfights in real life. Roblox takes this to your virtual screens successfully. The big paintball game captures the essence of the sport effectively. You are thrown into a team deathmatch as you start the game. The exhilarating game is quite fast-paced, and you will get killed if you don’t pay attention. There are many different weapons available within the game. These paintball guns can shoot color quite effectively. Choose your weapon of choice to annihilate your victims. People around the world love the Nuketown map. There are other choices available to users as well. The game gets updated regularly to satisfy the users. It is an immensely popular game in the community. Big paintball has received over 270 million visits so far. Try out the game today. 

10. Arsenal


Arsenal is a popular Roblox game, with over 800 million users. Gamers jump right into a wild wild west scenario. Kill your enemies to level up in the game. As you get more kills, the weapons upgrade in your Arsenal. It is a perfect example of developing your character within the game. The game works on the principle of getting a Golden knife. The first person to get a kill with the golden knife wins. Arsenal gives you many unique weapons for you to get to the top of the scoreboard. There are many badges to earn as you progress in the game. The game is loved by the community around the world. 

Arsenal also has an official discord group. It supports the latest gamepads and works on mobile too. Try Arsenal to jump into an action-packed adventure. 

11. Guns Master


Are you someone who loves guns? If you answered yes, then this is the perfect game for you. Guns master helps you try out different unique weapons in one set. You can try out their PVP options to fight other players. Build your skill level and purchase new guns. Gamers can upgrade their weapons by earning money. It is a massively open-world game where you can explore. All love the flag catching environment. Invite your friends to duels and battle it all out. The game also has a mode where you can get different pets. Hill capture mode is an efficient means of creating an online environment. The developers hold regular events to keep the game interesting. We recommend all our readers to try this new game. 


Roblox is a massively multiplayer environment. Millions around the world enjoy the free to play the game. It is a must-try for people who are getting bored in the house. The game can be quite amazing to relax. In this article, we covered all the popular Roblox shooting games. The open-source platform is home to many popular game titles. Try out the games on the list to get an amazing online experience.

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